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- Legal 500 2015

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Dafydd Enoch QC 1985 (QC 2008)

Call: 1985
2004: Appointed Recorder of the Crown Court
2008: Appointed Queens Counsel.
2010: Serious sexual offences ticket.
2000-2015: Tenant at 23 Essex Street.
2010-2015: Deputy Head of Chambers at 23 Essex Street.
2015: Tenant at New Park Court Chambers, Leeds.

Practice Overview

Principal practice areas: Prosecution and defence of heavyweight crime of all types; professional disciplinary/regulatory.

Dafydd Enoch QC has prosecuted heavyweight cases for a number of different agencies, the Revenue, CPS, and various County Councils. I was on the SFO Panel of Silks from 2009.

Examples as follows:

  • R v Jason Thaxter (2015/16): Successful prosecution of particularly complex murder committed several years previously where no body had been found. (Leeds CCU).
  • R v Morton & Others (2016) : Prosecution of 7 handed drugs conspiracy involving the consolidation of 2 multi defendant Indictments. (Newcastle CPS)
  • R v Larkin & Ostle: Successful prosecution of defendant charges with manslaughter and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice arising out of a baby shaking resulting in the death of an 8 week old child. This case involved very complex medical evidence surrounding the mechanism of death. (Leeds CCU). I have been instructed in several baby shaking cases.
  • R v Roderick and Smith (2012): I appeared on behalf of the Revenue to prosecute 2 defendants accused of a sophisticated tax fraud involving offshore companies and evasion of corporation and income tax.
  • R v Janes: I appeared on behalf of the illegal money lending unit (WIMLU) of a county council to prosecute a number of defendants involved in a large scale illegal money lending and blackmail scheme.
  • R v Iqbal (2013) – Prosecuted an “honour killing” murder for Midlands CPS.
  • R v Stavlowski (2013) – Prosecuted a murder for Thames Valley CPS Involving a domestic homosexual murder.
  • R v Gol (2012) – prosecuted a man for the double murder of his wife and mother in law and the attempted murder of her friend, again on behalf of Thames Valley CPS.
  • R v N – prosecuted a man for rape and murder instructed by CCU.
  • R v Zaman (2015) – prosecuted a man for the axe and knife murder of his wife. (Midlands CPS)
  • R v X – prosecuted a mentally ill woman who suffocated her 4 year old daughter. (Cardiff CPS)

Defence – Crime/Fraud

  • R v Crosby (2015/16) : defended a man for the attempted murder of his mentally ill wife.
  • R v Duggan (2016) : successful defence of young man charged along with 3 others with the brutal murder of a man, an attack involving horrendous injuries. He was the only defendant acquitted of all charges.
  • R v Turnbull (2016) : defended a woman police officer charged with corruption.
  • R v McKay (2016) : successfully defended a man for a historic one punch manslaughter where the victim had developed epilepsy as a result of his original injuries and died following an epileptic fit many years after the original assault.
  • R v Gary Quillan (2014) – I represented the principal Defendant in a 4 month multi million pound pension fraud. He was the architect of an allegedly criminal scheme involving SIPPS and the claiming of relief at source. After 3 months the case was dismissed at the close of the Crowns case and the terminating ruling upheld by the LCJ. The case is to be reported in the CAR.
  • R v Hayre (2012) – represented a principal defendant in a £20million pound MTIC fraud.
  • R v Amini (2012) – represented one of several defendants charged with the biggest ever DVD counterfeiting operation prosecuted by FACT.
  • R v Thomas Leslie (2013) – conspiracy to cause explosions in the UK (2013). Trial lasted 3 months involving a Northern Irish client allegedly facilitating the bombing of various addresses in the Midlands.
  • R v Edwards (2014). I represented the husband accused with his wife of shooting her parents in 1998 and burying them in the back garden of their house in Mansfield, a crime discovered 15 years later.
  • R v Gillard – I represented one of the police officers charged with perverting the course of justice arising out of the original trial relating to the Lynette White murders.
  • R v Hervel (2013) – I represented a Consultant Psychiatrist in respect of allegations of multiple frauds on the NHS and inappropriate sexual behaviour with patients and staff.
  • R v Ngolo (2015) – represented a man charged with ordering a killing from prison.
  • R v X – represented a police officer charged with rape. The case was held in camera as he was engaged in highly sensitive undercover work.

Professional Discipline
Since 2000 a large portion of my practice involved appearing on behalf of the GMC and the GDC in professional disciplinary proceedings. Proceedings involved a whole range of disciplinary charges, ranging from matters arising out of clinical negligence (such as incompetent surgery or misdiagnosis) to inappropriate conduct of various types with patients (including serious sexual allegations). I was briefed principally by Field Fisher Waterhouse, Eversheds, Mills and Reeve and the GMC/GDC in house teams.

I am also asked to advise the NHS on matters of complexity both disciplinary and criminal. Examples of GMC cases:

GMC v Dr. Eden

Allegations of inappropriate prescribing over the internet.

GMC v Dr. Hajek

Allegations of inappropriate prescribing over the internet.

GMC v Dr. Balonwu
Allegations of locum GP targeting vulnerable patients to sell herbal supplements for personal gain.

GDC v Dr. Schneider
Allegations of fraudulent alteration of patient records by a dentist.

GMC v Dr. Emmanuel
Allegations of multiple dishonesty and clinical failings by a GP.

GMC v Dr.s Rahman & Rahman
Allegations of serious failures by husband and wife doctors in running a care home for the elderly.

GMC v Dr. Tatchell
Allegations against a psychiatrist arising out of a drug related death at a party held at his home.

GMC v Dr. Jamal & 4 Others
Allegations arising out of a Sunday Times sting operation involving the provision of sick notes to undercover journalists.

GMC v Dr. Rahman

Allegations of stalking the celebrity Abi Titmus

Dr. H – I recently advised and represented a Consultant Psychiatrist in relation to multiple frauds on the NHS. Having represented him on a private basis in the Crown Court he instructed me to advise and represent him in the consequent GMC proceedings which widened the ambit of the complaints to clinical failings and inappropriate conduct with colleagues.

Dr. D – I advised a highly respected consultant in respect of the disciplinary aspect of allegations made against him by his partner of repeated domestic violence.

Re CF A midwife. – I advised the NHS in relation to a midwife who was making a massive claim for damages in respect of victimisation and bullying by colleagues over decades. I was asked to advise in relation to the following topics: Any potential criminal or tortious liability arising out of malfeasance in public office; quantum of damages; the professional disciplinary position of the healthcare professionals involved (coming under the auspices of the NMCC).

Re Dr. T – I was asked to advise a dentist in the Midlands who faced criminal and disciplinary proceedings arising out of the biggest ever NHS fraud by a dentist.

I recently advised a multi national company in relation to the professional/criminal misconduct of one of its managing directors with a view to bringing a private prosecution.

Civil fraud
I have advised in relation to VAT tribunals and civil fraud and because of my experience in complex criminal fraud this is a natural area for development.

I have appeared in HSE cases eg I appeared for a County Council in Wales charged with failure to maintain a lift in a theatre which crushed a workman.

Civil actions against police
As a junior I appeared on behalf of the police in a number of civil actions. I have also done claimant work.

I have appeared at Inquests.

I have appeared a number of times in the High Court on extradition matters including applications for Habeas Corpus and Judicial Review.

Personal Injury and Professional Negligence:
As a junior I had a background in this area of work.

The Directories
I am ranked in Professional Discipline, Fraud and Crime. The following are examples of quotations:

Professional Discipline:
“Regularly appears before the GMC and GDC. He is a good operator and a very strong advocate”. (Chambers & Partners 2014)
“A stand out Silk”. (Legal 500 2011)
“Regularly makes a telling impact on the outcome of a case” (Chambers & Partners 2008)

“A silk of high intellectual calibre”. (Legal 500 2017)
“A very good practitioner. He is extremely approachable and loves to get involved with a case at an early stage in proceedings” (Chambers and Partners 2017)
“a great trial advocate”. (Chambers & Partners 2015)
“Noted for his eloquence and ability to persuade”. (Legal 500 2012)
“Remains a popular choice among solicitors… suitably forceful in Court when the moment is right”. (Chambers & Partners 2012)
“A sensible user friendly advocate with good instincts”. (Chambers & Partners 2011)
“Known for his willingness to put himself out for those who instruct him”. (Chambers & Partners 2009)