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Lee Fish 2003

Lee Fish 2003

Lee Fish prosecutes and defends serious crime. He is regularly involved in cases of homicide, serious sexual allegations and fraud. He is also regularly instructed in regulatory cases by the prosecution and defence. He has particular experience in environmental and health and safety prosecutions. Lee is has also been keen to share his experience by regularly providing advocacy training to junior members of the Bar and speaking at seminars.

LLB (Hons) University of Newcastle upon Tyne (First Class)

Price Waterhouse Coopers Dissertation Prize

Advanced Award in Environmental Law (2008)

Specialist Regulatory Advocate in Health and Safety and Environmental Law (List B)

Level 4 Prosecutor (Rape and Serious Sexual Offences Panel)


Business, Organised and Individual Crime



R v B: Defence of care assistant who was accused of murdering one of her elderly clients in her own home. Entire prosecution case was focused upon disproving the defendant’s account that she and the deceased had been attacked by an unknown intruder. Involved expert evidence regarding the staging of a crime scene. Case also involved significant financial evidence regarding the defendant’s dire financial position. Led by John Elvidge QC.

R v S: Murder in Washington, involving the infliction of a single stab wound to the leg resulting in catastrophic blood loss and death. Defendants initially blamed each other for the killing, until one defendant accepted responsibility for inflicting the fatal wound half way through the trial. Issues in relation to joint enterprise and foreign convictions. Led by John Elvidge QC.

R v M: Defence of a cage fighter for murder. Defendant attacked with a hammer and then killed his attacker using a choke hold. Pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Led by Tim Roberts QC.

R v JA: Defence of man accused of killing partner.  Complex medical and bad character issues.  Led by Nick Lumley QC.

R v CH: Defence of 17 old boy for murder. Led by Paul Greaney QC.

R v CR: Defence of professional burglar who targeted high value properties in the Tyne Valley area. Successfully appealed sentence to Court of Appeal.

R v and others: Prosecution of 3 Syrian nationals for sexually assaulting two young girls. The case received national media attention.

R v MB: Successful defence of man charged with raping two separate women.

R v M: Successful defence of a man for historic sexual offences at the Central Criminal Court.

R v JC: Prosecution of man who stabbed his partner in the neck with a pair of scissors in front of her two young children.

R v S: Successfully excluded the interview of a man with schizophrenia who confessed to a serious robbery in the absence of an appropriate adult or solicitor. Judge held that serious breaches of PACE rendered the interview inadmissible.

R v C: 15 year old defendant who was accused of various sexual offences against young people who lived in the same area. There were 4 separate complainants on the Indictment (male and female.) Successfully excluded the evidence of 4 other complainants on the basis that this would constitute satellite litigation.

R v D: Defendant charged, together with others, with facilitating sexual activity with a child. This was part of a paedophile ring and involved the defendant’s own son and his friends being taken to Spain where they were subjected to sexual abuse by other males.

R v A: Drive by shooting and violent disorder. Case turned exclusively on the evidence of an anonymous witness. Prosecution case collapsed following difficulties with the anonymous witness and disclosure.

R v NS: 17 year old defendant charged with conspiracy to commit arson with intent to endanger life. Case arose out of an attack on Washington Police Station at the time of the London riots in Summer 2011.

R v T: Represented the wife of a former police officer who was charged with laundering the proceeds of a cigarette smuggling business. The prosecution alleged that her husband was one of the main figures in the business and she had assisted in laundering the proceeds.

R v K: Defence of an RAF trainee at a Court Martial held in Colchester. Prosecution alleged bullying and indecent behaviour by the defendant towards members of his room. Involved the cross-examination of the co-accused who gave evidence for the prosecution.

R v L: Defence of a Senior Aircraftsman at a Court Martial for making indecent images of children.

R v B: Large scale drugs conspiracy involving the commercial supply of Cocaine (Operation Banjo.)

Crann v CPS [2013] EWHC 552 (Admin): Appeal by way of case stated in relation to whether the Crown should have been allowed to amend a charge at a late stage in the proceedings after the 6 month time limit had lapsed.



R v M: Defence of company and its director for serious environmental offences arsing out of water discharge activities and the spreading of hazardous waste on land.

R v Mccaroll: Prosecution of man who used his parents farm for the unlawful disposal of waste.

R v Shepherd and Albert Hill Skip Hire: Leading counsel for the Crown. Case involved the prosecution of a rogue skip hire company and those running the company who were responsible for serious environmental offences. Successful prosecution, which involved complex issues of law.

R v Benson, Brough and Easy Skips (NE) Limited: Prosecution by the Environment Agency of a limited company and its directors for illegal waste offences. Prosecution for the first time applied for a confiscation order. Advised on the correct approach to the application. The result was an order for just under £250,000 against the directors of the company.

R v Sealane Inshore Limited and Durham County Council: The prosecution of a local authority and an independent contractor for causing pollution. Durham County Council employed Sealane Inshore Limited to complete renovation works on a bridge. A substance from the works entered the watercourse causing pollution and death to fish.  Provided advice prior to proceedings commencing. Case involved substantial legal argument on the meaning of “causing,” strict liability and vicarious liability.

R v Dunlop, Rutherford and Bain: Instructed to prosecute a number of Defendants who were engaged in illegal fishing activities at the River Aln. The case revolved around an illegal method of fishing called “stroke hauling.” Involved expert evidence on different methods of fishing and techniques.

R v Mba and Kumar: Prosecution for offences under transfrontier shipment of waste regime. Case concerned the exportation of hazardous waste to Nigeria.

RE ES: Representing the Environment Agency in an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate following the agency’s decision to revoke an environmental permit.


R v PN: Instructed by the Health and Safety Executive to prosecute a farmer following the electrocution of one of his workers who died as a result of his injuries.

R v NM: Instructed by Health and Safety Executive to prosecute plumber who was undertaking gas work without qualifications. This included the issuing of gas safety certificates.

R v PB: Instructed by the Health and Safety Executive in the prosecution of a construction site supervisor following a fall from height resulting in catastrophic injuries to a worker at the site who was left in a tetraplegic condition.

R v MGM Ltd: Instructed by the Health and Safety Executive in the prosecution of a company following a fall from height at a construction site.


R v S and others: Instructed by the Marine Management Organisation in a test case, where it was argued that the prosecution was an abuse of process due to the way in which fishing quota is allocated and managed in the UK. Involved significant disclosure issues and matters of EU and domestic law. Judge found for the Crown at first instance. This was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

R v W: Prosecution of an un-discharged bankrupt being involved in the management of companies. Defendant also used prohibited company names. Bankrupt’s wife prosecuted for aiding and abetting the offence. Also instructed in confiscation proceedings where an order in the region of £120,000 was obtained following a long and complex investigation in the United Kingdom and abroad.

R v WSL: Prosecution by the Food Standards Agency of an abattoir for breaches of regulations relating to the removal of specified risk material from carcasses. Advice was provided prior to proceedings commencing.

R v IS: 2 separate prosecutions by the Food Standards Agency of a dairy owner, for breaching hygiene regulations.


RE MB: Represented the Environment Agency at Inquest in to the death of a man during the floods in Hull in Summer 2007. Deceased drowned after his foot became caught in a drain, which the Environment Agency was charged with maintaining.

RE RR: Represented the family of the deceased when their daughter, a serving prisoner, committed suicide by setting herself on fire in her cell.

RE X: Represented the family of the deceased following a death at work. Inquest focused upon issues about the fitting of a safe in the back of a security van, which caused a crushing injury resulting in death.


Lee is a qualified advocacy trainer on the North Eastern circuit and provides training to pupils and new practitioners. He has been involved in providing advocacy training to students on the Bar Vocational Course at Northumbria University.

Lee has attended training courses on the handling of vulnerable witnesses and handling cases involving rape and serious sexual offences.

Lee has also provided training regarding the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and its applicability to environmental offences.