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Nicholas Lumley QC 1992 (QC 2012)

N Lumley

Nick is a specialist criminal and regulatory law advocate. He is recommended in the Legal 500 2017 as ‘unflappable, charming, and always has the ear of the court’. In the Legal 500 2016 for ‘an ability to think on his feet with an astute tactical brain.’ He also recommended in the Legal 500 2015 for ‘prosecuting and defending in cases involving drug trafficking, money laundering and homicide’ and in the Legal 500 2014 ‘for the prosecution and defence of serious crimes’ He is described in earlier editions as ‘a pleasure to watch’.

Since taking silk in 2012, Nick has been in constant demand to both prosecute and defend the most serious of cases.

Those whom he leads, is instructed by and represents commend his meticulous preparation, his ‘eye for detail’ and ‘reading of the case, client and witness, not just the case papers.’ He is regarded as a ‘hands-on silk that goes the extra mile researching the foreign, unusual and bizarre to get to the understanding of his client’s case’. He ‘instils immediate confidence’ and is a ‘remarkable leader’. He has an incredibly persuasive advocacy style which readily ‘engages the jury, turning the complex into common sense and the novel into normal.’ He is described as an ‘elegant and charming performer’ who unfalteringly remains ‘calm, composed and reassuring’ in what often present as the most trying of circumstances.

Nick was appointed as a Recorder of the Crown Court in 2008 and authorised to try serious sexual offences in 2013.

Nick regularly accepts instructions on a private fee basis. Recent cases have involved the successful private defence of professional rugby player (England and Newcastle Falcons) charged with rape having met via Tinder; the defence of a business man charged with historic sexual abuse; the defence of a publican charged with multiple rapes of partners; the defence of a businessman facing trial at The Central Criminal Court on charges of VAT fraud; the defence of a company director charged with assault.

Forthcoming cases include:

M v SEM: application for costs against private prosecutor, following ongoing litigation between football agents.

Murder, where deceased died many months after assault, issues of causation.

Trafficking for prostitution.

Gross negligence manslaughter.

Domestic killing between alcoholic, homosexual couple, cause of death complex head injury.

Homicide in the course of burglary/robbery.

Attempt murder: fitness to plead.

Scope of Practice

Medico-legal cases

Scientific issues including DNA, toxicology, cell-site analysis

Psychiatric issues, fitness to plead and diminished responsibility

‘Baby-shaking’ cases


Serious fraud

Serious organised crime

Drug trafficking

Proceeds of crime

Human trafficking and exploitation

Tax evasion and money laundering

Complex disclosure / PII issues

Professional misconduct


Judicial Review


Recent cases include:


R v K: Successful private defence of professional rugby player (England and Newcastle Falcons) charged with rape having met via Tinder. Issues of consent, reasonable belief in consent, admissibility of sexual history of complainant

R v J: Successful private defence of businessman charged with cultivating cannabis, defence of medical necessity

R v M: private defence of internet child grooming, issues of entrapment by vigilante group

R v L and others: multi-defendant immigration fraud

R v MW: murder, issue of causation of complex head injury

R v ML: successful claim for wasted costs against prosecution by acquitted defendant

R v D: multi-defendant murder, issues of causation of complex head injury, participation in joint attack

R v J: Domestic murder

R v L: Murder, shooting, participation in joint attack

R v O&O: Murder, causation of death (body badly decayed), participation in joint attack.

Previous cases:

R v AI [2015]: Defence of Relate counsellor and sex-therapist, charged with multiple rapes.

R v CA [2015]: Prosecution of murder, strangulation.

R v ML [2015]: Private defence of businessman charged with historic sexual abuse. Acquitted of all charges.

R v B [2015]: Prosecution of mother and son charged with killing of husband and father.

R v KT [2015]: Court of Appeal (LCJ) concerning the issue of consent in extreme sexual encounters. Question of law, of public importance, certified for the Supreme Court.

R v F [2015]: Private defence (Guilty plea and mitigation) of businessman, a qualified solicitor and keen amateur sportsman, who had broken eye-socket of spectator at football match.

R v S [2015]: Defence of brutal attempted murder. Complex issues of blood, phone and footwear analysis.

R v A [2015]: Prosecution of Iraqi national for murder of fellow countryman. Issues of diminished responsibility, dangerousness.

R v DS [2015]: Private defence of pub landlord charged with multiple rapes and false imprisonment of ex-girlfriends. Trial, Court of Appeal and re-trial. Acquitted of all charges.

R v M [2015]: Defence of business woman charged with sustained course of human trafficking and exploitation.

R v T [2104]: Prosecution of defendant charged with murder against background of prolonged domestic violence and abuse.

R v S [2014]: Defendant charged with single punch manslaughter. The victim did not die immediately and sustained further accidental head-injuries. The case involved complex neuro-surgical and pathological evidence as to causation.

R v T [2014]: Defence of veterinary surgeon charged with manslaughter arising out of extreme sado-masachistic homosexual encounter. Parties met through Grindr. Issues of: interaction between drugs of abuse (such as  crystal meth) and retro-viral drugs (both men were HIV positive); wider toxicological issues including suspected crystal meth poisoning; cause of death where all commonly encountered causes were excluded but the conduct had included fisting and the insertion of many and varied other objects into the anus, one of which caused a tear to the sigmoid colon, possibly allowing foreign food stuffs into the circulatory system; histopathology of the liver, brain, heart;  application of law of consent arising from the case of R v Brown.

R v A: [2014] Prosecution of murder where fitness to plead a live issue.

R v C: [2014] ‘Mercy killing’ defence of husband charged with murder of wife who was suffering from terminal illness. Parties married 40 plus years. Successful submissions led to acceptance of plea to manslaughter.

R v P [2014]: Defence of 70 year old woman charged with facilitating child sex offences; borderline mental capacity; witnesses and defendant required intermediaries; legal issues surrounding interpretation of s14 of Sexual Offences Act 2003.

R v R and W [2013]: Teenage defendants from well-known criminal families charged with attempted murder involving use of sawn-off shot-gun.

R v B [2013]: Prosecuted brutal ‘whodunnit’ killing where evidence rested entirely on complex circumstantial evidence.

R v M [2103]: Defendant charged with rape where successful defence of sexsomnia was presented.

R v S and M [2013]: Prosecution of joint enterprise murder.

R v S, C and D [2013]: Prosecution of a multi-handed murder involving many complexities, eg surrounding cause of death (decomposing body spent time in suitcase before being transferred to a freezer). Case required rigorous analysis of circumstantial evidence and the handling of difficult trial management issues, including cell confession evidence.

R v K [2013]: Defence of young man charged with murder, stabbing acquaintance to death at house party.

R v R, A and E [2013]: Prosecution of ‘whodunnit’ murder of antiques dealer and linked armed robbery of gold merchant. Complex scientific issues including mixed low-level DNA profiles, footprint analysis and problems associated with cell-site evidence in rural locations.

R V G [2013]: Defence of paranoid schizophrenic charged with murder of elderly lady. Successful submissions led to acceptable plea to manslaughter.

R v J [2013]: Successful defence of traveller charged with attempted murder.

R v A 9 [2012]: Defendant charged with tax evasion and money-laundering offences. Case dismissed on legal argument.

R V R [2102]: Prosecuted defendant charged with the murder of a 4 month old baby by shaking. This was a ‘triad of signs’ case i.e. evidence of subdural haemorrhage, retinal haemorrhage and swelling of the brain involving complex medical and causation issues.

R v A [2012] Defence of Lithuanian national charged with assassination of fellow Lithuanian and with burying his body in a remote shallow grave. Acquitted of murder, convicted of manslaughter.

R v G [2012]: Represented the Crown at trial and on appeal in a multi-defendant murder trial. SOCPA agreement in force for main witness; consideration and interpretation of the ambit of the definition of ‘a killing for gain’.

Administrative Court experience and Judicial Review:

Nick has appeared on behalf of the General Medical Council before the High Court in numerous applications to extended interim restrictions on Doctors’ practices.

Further High Court and Admin Court experience recently includes:

Dr S [2013]: Appeal against the conclusions of the interim orders panel of the MPTS.

Dr A [2013]: Permission hearing and full Judicial Review hearing concerning the interpretation of regulations governing Dr’s fitness to practice.

Regulatory and professional misconduct:

Nick regularly appears before the fitness to practice panel of the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service. Recent examples include:

GMC v Professor H: Fitness to practice, fraudulent research in pancreatic cancer, to obtain grants from pharmaceutical companies and for publication in leading medical journals

GMC v Dr O: Fitness to practice, deception and fraudulent prescribing.

GMC v Dr M: Admin Ct. Appeal by Dr suffering from long-standing delusional and schizophrenic conditions

Dr D: Admin Court. Extent of powers of interim orders panel to suspend a Dr of otherwise exemplary character facing criminal allegations of blackmail.

Dr T [2014]: Specialist A&E Dr who perpetrated sustained and sophisticated prescription fraud.

Dr P [2014]: Consultant gynaecologist with NHS and extensive private practice charged with sexual assaults of three female patients.

Dr O [2013]: Consultant psychiatrist whose conduct grossly compromised patient safety.

Dr H [2013]: Consultant gastroenterologist falsifying data and research reports for publication in leading clinical journal.

Dr A [2013]: Consultant thoracic anaesthetist charged with misrepresentation and misconduct.

Nick has recent experience of representing sports professionals and bookmakers, before the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.


Nick has recently represented the likes of Tesco PLC in liquor licensing applications and has recent experience of firearms appeals.


Nick has experience of representing companies, insurance companies and individuals at inquests.

Appointments and Professional membership:

Call 1992

Recorder 2008

Class 2 Recorder 2013

QC 2012

North Eastern Circuit

Lincoln’s Inn




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